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Pretty cool use of EEG signals…

Scientists are getting close to perfecting software that can turn brainwaves into speech.

By calibrating a persons basic speech pattern such as counting from one to nine and other common words.., software can recognise a persons unique pattern of brainwave activity (frequency, location etc) and then decipher future activity into actual speech.

If the same software also listens to what the person is hearing, it can create a context for what a response may be like and increase it’s accuracy significantly.

Very very clever.


If such tech could be combined with other types of EEG measurement such as using NIR and RED light instead of electrodes then the ease of it’s use will become even more efficient.

BTW, studies are in place to use RED light this way.

RED light can penetrate skin and bone and then whatever gets absorbed or reflected can be measured and decoded into useable data on what regions of the brain are active or not based on blood flow and the presence or absence of chemicals or natural salts in the blood.

Again very clever.


Love this stuff. 🙂


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