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The field of Necro-neuroscience (study of brain activity just before and after death) is a very niche field.

This particular finding shows continuing Alpha brain activity 10 minutes after the death of the person.

Almost like they are still there even after their body has died.

Scientists struggle to explain how this is possible and more research is needed.

Thought at first to maybe be an error, the equipment cannot be faulted to prove it wasn’t real.


These same studies of people who are dying show that just as strangely, some peoples brain activity stops 10 minutes BEFORE they die.

Almost like they have left before their body actually dies.

It seems likely that everyone’s experience of death is different.

Maybe brain activity after death is evidence of the ‘life review’ at death that people report when they have a near death experience.

And maybe the ceasing of brain activity before death is evidence of a less talked of phenomenon of the soul withdrawing to avoid physical pain and fear before it occurs.


Obviously I’m more interested in brain activity during life, but this is still interesting. 🙂


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