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From binaural beats and isochronic tones to photic light machines and Audio Visual brainwave entrainment (AVE) devices, the use of brainwave entrainment (BWE) has many claims given to it.

Some of these claims are true and validated, some are worthy of further investigation.., and some quite frankly are a load of BS (Belief Systems – Lol).

There’s no doubt in my mind though.., that having interacting over many years with literally thousands of owners and clients of brainwave entrainment devices I have gained proof of results that make critics wrong and also proof of results that make outrageous claims in some cases even correct.

The attached article has a lot of good information in it and will encourage you to explore further.

I don’t agree with some of it but a lot I do agree with and I certainly encourage further investigation as I have seen miraculous results from BWE.

On this roXiva website you will find many peer reviewed examples with summaries and links to the research that show some surprising and exciting benefits of BWE and AVE to supplement and show proof of some of the things mentioned in the article below.


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