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[Which happens to be the main frequency of the hybrid session called HAPPY]


So many people have contacted me to thank me for this session alone, so I know from experience that it works.

Depression along with stress and anxiety have to be the most prevalent and costly afflictions of our time in terms of both health and productivity.

And often medication just does not work.

This study had people use 14Hz stimulation, which is low Beta and considered to be an alert but relaxed frequency brain state for 4 weeks. The feelings of depression reduced both by way of self assessment and by the standard psychological tests for depression.

I think that it is worth pointing out that I believe the real effect here could be achieved with a wider range than just 14Hz. IE: Beta frequencies in general have been shown to be beneficial in improving mood and motivation and these frequencies are often lacking in a person who has depressive feelings.

The choice of 14Hz for the session HAPPY is still made on purpose though and this is why.

Lower than that and you may entrain someone to more relaxing inactive frequencies.., and depressed people, although maybe not relaxed.., are certainly rarely active enough. At the other end of the scale, many people who are depressed also have bouts of anxiety. And anxiety tends to have a brainwave pattern that is higher than 14Hz but still within the Beta range. So by keeping the entrainment in low Beta, there is less likeliness of encouraging those types of feelings. For someone who has no anxiety at all but feels low I might be inclined to recommend a slightly higher frequency like 18-20Hz which is just that little bit more aware and mentally active.

Beta 14Hz also falls into the band of SMR (Sensory Motor Rhythm) frequencies (12-15Hz) which are considered to be the brains idling state where the brain is most easily able to go either way.., to heightened awareness or relaxation.

This is all of course part scientific knowledge, with some common sense and intuition thrown in.

Definitely worth exploring if you have low days and need a pick me up.

In the words of one of my mentors.., may you be blessed with more happiness than you know what to do with!!!


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