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Brain Fasting session - roXiva

What is brain fasting?


Brain fasting is the practice of removing information overload and effort from the brain in a way that results in a mental detox. And this is different from meditation or mindfulness as you will learn. Sometimes meditation isn’t enough.

We know that feeding the body too much food or too much of the wrong type of food leads to illness. And the brain/mind is the same. Because we are surrounded by information bombarding us from every direction. Too much information leads to overwhelm, anxiety, and an inability to make decisions. And too much of the wrong type of information leads to depression, low esteem, and an inability to adapt.


How fasting the brain makes room for more.


I’m reminded of a metaphor used in Buddhist teachings. “If you have a cup full of water and you try to add more., what happens? The cup overflows. Your mind is like the cup. You are full of what you already know!”

Brain fasting seeks to give the mind a chance to heal and reset. And in this article, I will outline how fasting for the brain includes light and sound used in specific ways. Meditation can achieve this goal for some people, but the practice itself can get in the way of a true mental detox. Because true fasting of the brain requires the removal of ANY distraction including using a technique. Brain fasting requires letting go completely. And increased mental hygiene and flow states are more common when you learn to let go and detox from persistent thinking. But this does not mean you should avoid negative thinking at all costs. Brain hormesis (positive adaption) actually occurs more readily with a little controlled stress.


How does brain fasting work?


I’m a strong believer that the body and brain/mind are self-regulating and correcting systems.

And by this I mean that given the right environment., the body and mind can heal, evolve, and come back to a state of homeostasis and equilibrium. Research into neuroplasticity even shows that the brain can literally rewire itself even after injury or damage. Although this is not what I’m referring to with brain fasting.

For the body, the environment is primarily the nutrition you feed it. And of course the external environment can influence the balance of the body also.

Because by stopping adding to the toxicity, and adding only nutritionally rich foods instead., the body can heal and recover.

Altered nutrition versus fasting


But what about when providing the right environment isn’t enough? And what about when toxicity has built up and the body doesn’t have the resources or energy to deal with it? Enter the practice of fasting. Because sometimes optimal nutrition can’t be absorbed if the system is already full.

Fasting for extended periods or intermittent fasting has become a viable science backed way of detoxing the body and providing health benefits like a kind of reset. And then the right nutrition can be reintroduced leading to self-regulating and correcting of disfunction or illness. As it applies to the mind, brain fasting is a type of information fasting. And specifically for this article, light and sound can be included as a type of nutrition. And used intelligently, can result in a mental detox. Because giving the brain a rest from any stimulation, can result in a type of reset.

When meditation isn't enough

How do you apply the concept of fasting to the mind?


“All of humanity’s problems, stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone” Blaise Pascal

For the mind, the environment is primarily what information you feed by way of association and focus. IE: What information do you surround yourself with and what information do you obsess about. I purposely choose the word ‘obsess’ because for many people this is accurate. And you can read about how to change obsessive thoughts or actions by the use of anchoring here. Fasting the brain involves giving the mind a break from information overload in an active way. And mind fasting has been discussed before as a spiritual practice. Brain fasting is a more direct approach and removes any need for a conscious practice. Because this is taking the time to disconnect from any normal source of information including meditation or spiritual practices.


Why relaxation isn’t enough – brain fasting is an active process.


Steven Kotler in his books on flow and peak performance talks about the idea of ‘active relaxation’. Because relaxation isn’t enough. And if it was, we would all be productive geniuses just by chilling out in front of our favourite TV show. Physical exercise shows us this fallacy. Exercising just until you start to feel discomfort and then stopping will not maintain your current level of fitness let alone improve it. Because the body has a tendency toward entropy or slow decline if not sometimes pushed just a little beyond what is comfortable.

Active brain fasting is a concept and a decision. But it requires minimal effort once the decision is made. And this is key for a true mental detox. Because mental clarity and getting things done become natural ways of being with a detoxed mind. 


What are the fundamentals of fasting the brain?


It goes without saying that there are fundamental practices to maximise any aspect of mental health including brain fasting. And in the article on longevity and mental health, I go into more depth on these fundamentals.

Nutrition and hydration being an obvious one. And exercise being another. In fact, research shows that exercise that includes some cognitive challenge as well is ideal for mental health. EG: Competitive sports like tennis. Better sleep habits is another obvious one. Because deep sleep of an appropriate timing (7-9 hrs a night) acts as its own brain detox and mood enhancer. And digital detoxing (step away from the phone, haha) in favour of socialisation and time in nature is proven to help with brain health too. Some people can get to a point with meditation where effort is so minimal, that a brain fasting state occurs. But there is another way…


How does brain fasting succeed where meditation fails?


For years I tried to meditate and failed. And techniques and methods came and went. But my results stayed the same. Frustrating and ineffective, the practice of ‘trying’ was as far removed from fasting the brain as it could be. Because rather than a mental detox from thoughts of failure., the meditation practice became the problem! It wasn’t until I came across a specific use of synchronised light and sound meditation that ‘I saw the light’., literally. Enter the world of advanced applications of audio-visual entrainment. And specifically, the practice of blending specific frequencies of light with expertly crafted spacial music. With this, the concept of deep meditation without effort became a reality. And removing the effort from clearing the mind is step one in brain fasting. Using technology this way as a brain fast takes the idea a step further though., by adding in an idea called the Ganzfeld effect.

Fasting of the mind with roXiva

Brain fasting and the Ganzfeld effect


The Ganzfeld effect is the result of one of two conditions. The first is an environment of zero visual and auditory stimulation. And this is hard to achieve easily as you’d need to be in a room that is sealed from any light or sound. Such as an anechoic chamber.

The second condition is one of constant unchanging visual and auditory stimulation. Because the result in the brain of this is the same as no stimulation at all! This can be achieved a little easier and I have outlined how to do this here. And the result of either of these conditions is often a specific altered state where the mind free flows and hallucinates. Because in the absence of something for the brain to ‘notice’, the brain will make something up to notice. And this is step two in the process of brain fasting. Because environmental information is removed from the brain.


What are the roXiva RX1 brain fasting sessions?


With effort and external stimulation removed, step three in brain fasting is the introduction of beneficial brain frequencies. The roXiva lamp uses light and sound in specific ways to achieve expanded states of consciousness. Or in this case., a fully dissociative brain state. And it does this in a way that requires no more effort than pushing a button. Because no technique, knowledge or practice is required. And it’s as easy and enjoyable as choosing your favourite music. But wait., there’s more! (Flashbacks to TV sales commercials, haha)


Can light and sound be brain nutrition?


Light and music have been known for their healing ability for millennia. For example the function of light and our circadian rhythm. IE: The exposure to light setting our internal body clock. And the formation of speech and communication. IE: The history of music and it’s connection to speech centres in the brain. By using the roXiva lamp to layer beneficial brain frequencies behind the constant light and sound., subtle information can be introduced to the brain without the ‘mind’ registering it. And this then, is the full concept of brain fasting. It’s like drinking pure water during a body fasting process. Because the addition of water aids in the removal of unwanted toxins. And in a similar way., the addition of pure background brain frequencies of light and sound aids in the removal of unwanted thought and brain activity habits. A type of neural reset.


Brain fasting, brain detoxing, and brain exercise.


The brain fasting sessions on the roXiva RX1 are part of a series of brain optimisation sessions. And these include the ‘Brain Bath’, and ‘Brain Gym’ sessions. They include frequencies associated with cerebral blood flow, cognitive enhancement, mental clarity, and mood management. And can be used as tools to help with mental health goals, enhanced focus, performance, and feelings of wellbeing. The concept of ‘use it or lose it’ applies to body and mind in both negative and positive ways. Because what you fail to use physically and mentally will drift away from ability and awareness. And this can be used purposely to lose the ability to think and act in unwanted ways. And brain fasting is one tool to help you with that goal.

There are many other specifically designed roXiva sessions for other goals, or just for pure enjoyment. And these include fully immersive sound and vision journeys that are unlike anything you have experienced before.

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