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This latest research backs up the idea that Alzheimer’s may be a result of less blood flow in the brain.

This may be the real reason that the plaques commonly talked about as being the cause are a contributing factor.

Experiments where plaque proteins are applied to healthy brain tissue have found that the result of the typical amount expected in late stage Alzheimer’s is enough to effectively halve the blood flow around the brain by squeezing the finer blood vessels much like squeezing a hose would restrict water flow.

This idea also supports the research that suggest that a lack of deep sleep is another contributor. During deep sleep the space between the cells increases as the brain relaxes and clears out toxins.


So three of the big focuses at the moment to help prevent and potentially reverse age related mental decline are-

1. Toxin clearing via deep delta range sleep.

2. Brain immunity stimulation via Gamma activation.

3. Increased cerebral/brain blood flow.

All three are addressed in more detail in the description with the roXiva BRAIN-FOOD session. This article has been added to that description.

It makes sense that a reduction in blood flow and therefore nutrients and oxygen to the brain would have a negative effect long term.


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