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This study paper shows an experiment done with children (screened for safety concerns) to see if performance in mental tasks including memory, attention and other factors could be improved using frequency based audio visual entrainment otherwise known as brainwave entrainment.

Children from ages 6 to 15 were chosen who had pre existing learning difficulties.

Two protocols were used on an alternating basis. One was a 35 minute session going from 14Hz up to 40Hz and the other doing the opposite going from 40Hz down to 14Hz in frequency.

12 sessions in total, twice a week for 6 weeks were used of audio visual stimulation.

Standardised cognition tests were used before and after the AVS treatment.

Signifiant improvements were found that exceeded placebo and even expected drug based results in speed of information processing, visual motor coordination, short term memory, sequencing ability, number ability, recall, concentration and attention, rote learning and freedom from distractability.


The conclusion is that brainwave entrainment can be effective in producing a measurable improvement in mental ability.

This paper includes previous study results as a means to qualify the study itself most of which also confirm the effectiveness of Audio Visual Entrainment as a tool for improving cognitive ability.

Idea’s of synchronisation and exciting or inhibiting of brain activity are also discussed.


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