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Anxiety relief through brain optimisation

Anxiety Relief at the push of a button

Welcome to roXiva anxiety relief. Anxiety and stress negatively impact more lives, careers and relationships than any other mental/physical state. In this internet connected fast paced world., the consequences of our actions and demand from others show up in minutes rather than days. It makes sense then, that we develop tools and strategies to alter our mental/physical state in minutes too.

Some people almost seem to be immune to anxiety and stress.

You know people that just seem to handle whatever comes at them in life. How do they do that? What they are, is resilient to anxiety and stress. Physically, people with strong immune systems still get exposed to illness. But they don’t get sick or at least they recover quickly. The same applies to being resilient or even immune to anxiety and stress.

There is predictable brain activity associated with an anxious or stressed mind. And guess what., there is predictable brain activity associated with a calm and relaxed mind too!

What is the difference between a stressed or anxious person and a calm relaxed one in terms of brain patterns?

Flexibility!  Yes.., neurological flexibility is the key to a life of reduced anxiety and stress.

Years of consistent meditation practice can get you there. But we don’t all have years of uninterrupted time to get those results. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not that patient either.

How skilled you are at switching between stimulated (body and mind) and relaxed, will determine your levels of anxiety and stress in life. And in terms of brain activity, this equates to switching between high and low brainwave patterns. If you experience a lot of stress and anxiety, then chances are you out of balance in brain activity. This is where roXiva anxiety relief and brain optimisation can help.

Anxiety relief and mental resilience

“Two weeks of using roXiva has done what decades of medication and therapy have not been able to do. It’s not that I don’t get anxious anymore. It’s better than that. The thought no longer enters my mind that I suffer from anxiety. There will always be stressful life events. The difference is that I deal with whatever the situation is in the moment, and move on

roXiva anxiety relief

First I saw beautiful colours and mandala patterns. Then I became an Eagle flying over a lake before entering the lake as a fish. Then I was back into the patterns again. And then I met my Grand mother who has passed. She said that she loved me and that I was going to be OK. I cried a lot after that session. And I felt a great release. Thank you [roXiva session: Hypnagogic surfing]

Becoming immune to anxiety – roXiva anxiety relief

Welcome to roXiva, audio visual brainwave entrainment, and brain optimisation. Where you too, can become that person who seems immune to anxiety and stress. It’s time to embrace your calm. Choose from a range of light and sound sessions, put on your headphones, lie down or relax in your favourite chair., and hit play. Within minutes you are in a relaxed meditative state that usually takes years to master.

You can choose a subdued experience or a more impactful one as a form of psychedelic light therapy. RoXiva will bathe you in a beautiful world of colourful mandala’s and moving patterns. And you remain in total control of the experience throughout. When the lamp is stopped, so is your journey. It’s all at the push of that button.

RoXiva anxiety relief is taking over where others have left off, with ongoing added functionality building on what is already the leader in the field.

The experiences are relaxing and totally engaging as you leave the world behind you. It’s all at at your fingertips. The experiences can be profound and beyond what traditional relaxation practices can give you.

How does roXiva anxiety relief work?

Every mental and physical state we experience has an associated pattern of neural activity. And this activity can be changed and trained to be more accessible. RoXiva anxiety relief uses specific synchronised audio and visual frequencies in purposeful ways. And takes advantage of our brains natural ability to follow and synchronise to external stroboscopic light and sound. Deep relaxation states can be achieved very quickly and reliably. Or alternatively, the same principals apply to achieving hyper alert states where creative idea generation and flow occur. These unique states can be simple, or profound. They are a mix of the hypnagogic state between awake and asleep, altered neurochemistry, and increased lucid awareness. The light synchronised with sound, works through closed eyelids. The interaction of light frequencies creates immersive effects of colour, pattern and movement. You don’t need a mantra or to let go of thoughts for this to work. Just let the light and sound do it for you.

When I arrived for my session I had intense pain in my abdomen. 5 minutes in to the session and it disappeared. And that wasn’t even my goal. I’m amazed”

Therapeutic psychedelics

I’ve been meditating for 20 years and teaching it for 10. It would take me 3 days of focussed practice to get into the state I’m in right now. You’ve done me out of a job.” [RoXiva session: If found, return to Earth]

roXiva is a powerful, functional relaxation device

RoXiva uses high quality LED’s and built in audio, with an intuitive user interface. Just add headphones and any standard camera tripod to set yourself up. No computer, phone app, or special stand needed.

Audio visual brainwave entrainment is the term used for the brains ability to synchronise to and follow an external repeating pattern of frequencies. And roXiva is far more than that. Entrainment is combined with brain optimisation strategies and advanced artistic visual kaleidoscopes of colour and pattern to give a fully immersive experience. 

This gives the user a reliable and repeatable way to enjoy deep states of calm and bliss. When you ‘entrain’ your brain to new patterns of neural activity., you gain flexibility over your mental state and habitual thoughts. And this leads to mental resilience which is the real key to a more relaxed calm life. This is how you become immune to anxiety.

What if I meditate?

Then you’re in for a surprise at how much your practice improves. Life will always give you reasons to feel a bit stressed or anxious., but it’s how you deal with that. Having the mental flexibility to switch at will from alert to relaxed is the key. This is how you become resilient to anxiety and stress. And you don’t have to just use roXiva for meditation and anxiety relief either. There are plenty of sessions for a variety of uses like cognitive enhancement, better sleep, creativity and even drug free psychedelic experiences.

The only way to describe the experience accurately is to not describe it at all. You really have to experience it first hand to know why people are so impressed and want to join us and our experienced community.

What will you do now once your levels of relaxation are optimised? You may just find yourself with more spare time to enjoy life.

The number of roXiva owners and partners are constantly expanding all over the world, please feel free to CONTACT US to take your curiosity to the next step.

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