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VISUAL/AUDITORY JOURNEY: Relax into a trip reminiscent of a multi stage inner journey of discovery.

A typical Ayahuasca trip has stages of experience. Some are relaxing and subtle, some are intense and visual.., and some are reflective and still. The chemical makeup of the drug gives it this multi stage effect. 

This session uses a three stage approach using actual measured brain frequencies from people under the influence of psychoactive substances as well as purposeful visual patterns, shamanic drumming and an effect called the Ganzfeld effect.

The experience is of this world but out of it.

Full description is in user area.

Holy **** that was epic.., you’ve nailed it! That was just like a real trip, with a build up of intensity of moving patterns and colours followed by a more layed back period of my own images and what felt like connections to spirit in different forms. Bro that was seriously cool.”

A friend after trying the roXiva session ‘AYAHUASCA JOURNEY’