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The Team

The team at roXiva consists of experienced and qualified researchers and artisans in the fields of electronic technology, expanded states of consciousness, therapeutic change, neuroscience, and audio production.

Jimi - MD

Jimi – CEO

Design & Innovation

A designer at heart who is deeply passionate about creativity and technology for human wellbeing and evolution. Jimi has considerable business experience in the technology sector.

Lance - Session Creator

Lance – Session Designer

Research, Support & Content

Prolific writer and creator of mind enhancing light and sound journeys combining neurological research and constant experimentation. Certified Trainer and Master practioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.

Gavin - Media Production

Gavin – Sonic Architect

Research, Support & Media

On a voyage for the last 30 years exploring the realms of sonic architecture in the digital realm. A qualified practitioner in psychotherapy, mindfulness and meditation.

Kyra - Business Development

Kyra – Business Development Manager.

Web & Social Media

Bringing her expertise in engineering, mathematics, and physics to help drive the company’s growth. She’s always expanding her knowledge and skills.

roXiva's RX1


roXiva’s RX1

The RX1 has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

Its user interface is based around a rich colour liquid crystal display of 480 x 128 pixels and 3 push buttons enabling full control of the lamp including navigation of the menu system, playing and stopping of sessions, adjustment of light brightness and audio volume, and much much more.

roXiva - 16GB storage

16GB Internal Storage

The RX1 has a minimum 16GB of internal memory for storage of session and audio files. The RX1 has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

roXiva - High quality LED's

High Quality LED

The front of the RX1 contains high quality LEDs that can be programmed to create a vast array of flickering patterns for brainwave entrainment and visual entertainment sessions.

roXiva aesthetic design

Aesthetic Design

The housing uses a rich selection of materials including machined aluminium, injection moulded plastics and styled facias to provide a design with strong durable form and aesthetics.


Personal and professional development.

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