Take time out for relaxation

Allow immersive journeys of colour, pattern, and sound to guide you into profound states of deep relaxation.

Unlimited access to altered states

Roxiva stroboscopic light & sound journeys give you easy
access to enjoyable and beneficial states of body and mind

Explore your full potential

Unique brain states of deep meditation, consciousness exploration, and transformation at the touch of a button

Elevate your business offering

Integrate roXiva into your hypnotherapy or wellness business,
and stand out from the competition with a unique customer experience

Research opportunites

Neuroscience is a constantly developing and exciting space, and if you have a research opportunity that could incorporate roXiva technology, then let’s talk…

Enhance and maintain a calm, focused mind

Take advantage of your brain’s natural, powerful and unique ability to tune in to and follow external rhythm.

Powerful stroboscopic light and sound technology from roXiva creates reliable and consistent states of mind for increased wellness in your home and work life.

The roXiva RX1 audio visual brainwave entrainment device

Unlock potential you didn’t even know you had

Experience the power of roXiva audio visual brainwave entrainment to creating lasting beneficial change.

Leave the world behind for a while and come back revitalised as you let go, relax, improve your focus and much more. All at the touch of a button and customised to your personal and professional needs.

After using it the first time I said to my friend, “That was just like a 15min Ayahuasca journey”. This RX1 is amazing. I’ve used a few light machines now but this is next level. And the second session I used ‘If found, return to Earth’.., haha. I see why you called it that. I was gone gone gone. And the emotional release too was profound. I need this as part of my personal development practice and I’m so glad I bought it. Best investment in myself I’ve ever made.  

Christine M – (Canada)

Select your Roxiva session, lay back, and let go

Your own consistent and reliable practice partner

Integrate roXiva into your personal and business practices to elevate those experiences to a new level. Even create your own business or enhance an existing one with our technology and support.

Expertly crafted sessions assist with deep meditation & hypnotherapy, reduced stress & anxiety, improved focus, elevated mood, motivation & wellbeing, consciousness exploration, creative visualisation, and even recreational drug free psychedelic journeys.

I’ve never experienced that before. The first session left me feeling soo relaxed and ready to take on the world. Rarely do I get that from meditation. And seeing as I have never used any psychoactive drugs before, I was keen to see what a drug free psychedelic experience was like also. I was totally immersed in beautiful colours and patterns and music. Such a powerful and enjoyable experience. Thank you so much.


I borrowed an RX1 for just over a week to see if it could help me sleep and de-stress. Yes and yes. At first I just tried random sessions for fun. And had some journeys I can tell you. Then I used ‘Silent night’ in the evening and ‘Attention booster’ in the morning for a week. And what a difference that made. Combined with the advice given in the ‘better sleep series’ articles on the Roxiva website I now wake up refreshed and ready to go. Thank you.

Abrim D – (Bristol – UK)

roXiva opens the door to new possibilities for personal and business development while enjoying all that life has to offer.


What will you do with it?

The roXiva RX1

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