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Experience the Magnificence

Immersive journeys orchestrated through light and sound that take you on a path of self discovery and transformational change.


roXiva RX1

Explore the full potential of your mind to support change, expand, and grow.

Use roXiva in group sessions

Group Sessions

Strengthen bonds, by fostering relaxation combined with audio visual entrainment, to facilitate collective stress reduction in groups. 

Use roXiva for personal development

Personal Development

Enhancing meditation and mindfulness experiences, supporting your journey in personal development with the RX1.

RoXiva being used at an event

Special Events

Creates memorable moments and heightened awareness, adding a unique sensory experience for clients at any event.

roXiva in Therapeutic use

Therapeutic Practice

Enhances therapeutic settings by incorporating AVE techniques, Supporting emotional processing and stress relief.



Welcome to roXiva, where the fusion of light and sound converge with the limitless potential of the mind.

Creative inspiration from roXiva


Our practitioners use the RX1 in many creative ways as a valuable addition, helping to support clients needs by leveraging the power of synchronised visual and auditory stimuli, supporting task positivity. 

Longevity with roXiva


Audio-visual entrainment (AVE) can play a significant role in supporting individuals working in wellness, spirituality, and longevity by providing a holistic approach to mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Productivity with roXiva


Audio-visual entrainment (AVE) can be a valuable addition to the spa, gym, physiotherapy, and massage environments, enhancing the overall well-being and experience of clients.


Pioneering Roxiva Technology

Dr Beau Lotto - roXiva

Dr Beau Lotto

Professor Carl Hayden Smith - roXiva

Professor Carl H Smith

Monroe Institute

Dr David Schwartzman

Dr Jeff Tarrant


Cody Rall M.D

United States Navy trained Psychiatrist who specialises in neurotechnology.


Benefit from Multi-Modality Retreat Experiences

roXiva Retreats

A gathering of minds situated in beautiful locations.


A place where your heart and soul are given full permission to just be.


Join the roXiva user community

Just as important as the technology, are the people who use it in their practice!

Komal Kaur - roXiva

Komal Kaur

Komal is a Biotechnologist turned Vocal Sound Healer and roXiva light practitioner who creates spaces for deep rest, healing and transformation, using the vibro-acoustic frequencies of crystal alchemy bowls and other healing sounds tuned to the 432Hz tuning scale.

She accompanies her live sound journeys with vocal transmissions and roXiva flickering light to guide explorers into altered states of consciousness for a truly soul-stirring and unforgettable experience in her healing sanctuary in Bali.

Float in the forest – roXiva

Float in the Forest

Float in the Forest is a floatation centre in the beautiful Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Float effortlessly on the surface of warm salty water, relaxing your muscles and calming your mind.  Here you can experience a roXiva light session on its own, or in combination with a float (either before or after). Emerge into the natural environment and explore the forest. By pairing your float with a light session, you can enhance your experience, unlocking a harmonious synergy of effects. Together, light and float offer an unparalleled fusion, transcending individual components.

Orlando Sanchez

Orlando is an Austin based somatic massage therapist whom now incorporates the roXiva light for sessions and somatic experiencing sessions to allow more processing ability. A guided journey into more capacity and resilience. Orlando combines genuine curiosity about your inner experience with massage and techniques that support you in becoming emotionally intelligent. You’ll also gain greater mastery of your nervous system so that you can increase your capacity to handle stress in your everyday life.

Michael Pottern

Michael is a lifelong entrepreneur who founded the award-winning Denver Zen Den. Inspired by the growing range of technologies in holistic health, he champions their ability to enhance existing wellness practices and support people’s health journeys. He acts as a sherpa, supporting the exploration of wellness tech like the roXiva light and different vibroacoustic devices. Michael then weaves them together with frequencies to create impactful and awe-inspiring experiences for both personal and professional use by both new and seasoned wellness seekers. Read more on Michael here.

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Support your clients needs.

Our custom application has all the information you need to create customised session plans and attend events in your region. Meet other practitioners in our community and at the push of a button explore over 120 sessions designed to support your practice.


roXiva app

Take it anywhere, anytime, any place.


The roXiva RX1 is designed for ultimate user-friendliness. All it takes to bring it to life is a simple plug-and-play connection to an external power source. Ready to illuminate your mind right out of the box.

Client sessions with roXiva
eBook from roXiva


Learn about the power of mind, body and soul

Written by Lance Carter

Download our ebook after purchasing the Roxiva RX1 and find a wealth of information to support the practitioner journey.



Artist Series

Try our collaborations with accomplished musicians and electronic music composers, a symphony of sound and light.

Nightmares On Wax session with roXiva

Nightmares on Wax

Take a trip ‘back to nature’ and explore the colourful depth of the mind.

Talamasca session with roXiva


Take a trance and explore this ‘proggy rocky’ experience.

Nina Walsh session with roXiva

Nina Walsh

Delta sleep recording, combining deep healing frequencies for ‘rapid transformation’.


Andy Squiff – Designer

Unleash your potential with roXiva, sessions are meticulously crafted to stimulate the brain.


Connect to Ableton Live

Produce altered states of consciousness.

Developing a new methodology in electronic music and brain optimisation with the Roxiva RX1 connected to Ableton Live via OSC.

Connect Ableton Live to roXiva
roXiva and Audeze partnership


Where sound matters

Precise: Audeze planar magnetic drivers tuned for production-grade accuracy.

Buy the Roxiva RX1 and receive a 20% discount code.


Explore the depths of your consciousness.

Enter a world of possibilities.

A non pharmacological means of harnessing altered states.

Explore consciousness with roXiva